Sharrow Training Services

Sharrow Training

Instruction is offered at our training facility or your location. Courses may be adapted to include written/practical examinations, hands-on exercises, or individual proficiency instruction. We are happy to offer our consulting services to help you establish an appropriate and effective training program for your business. Please contact Jim Lonsky at for all training questions, upcoming classes, or scheduling training.

We offer courses ranging from 2-hour informational seminars to 40-hour programs covering topics such as:

Overhead O/H Crane Operation

  • Regulatory requirements / risk management
  • Basic crane knowledge / principles
  • Understanding design factor / WLL
  • Daily crane inspection
  • Safe operating practices
  • Dynamic loading
  • Load control / managing load swing
  • Hand operated hoists
  • Rigging Equipment Inspector

  • Regulatory requirements  / risk management
  • Understanding design factor / WLL
  • Daily / frequent inspection of:
    • Chain slings
    • Wire rope slings
    • Synthetic slings
    • Rigging hardware
    • Hooks
    • Lifting device

    Basic Rigger / Advanced Rigger

  • Risk management / lift planning
  • Load weight
  • Center of gravity
  • Effects of angle
  • Load share
  • Rigging hitches
  • Rigging equipment application
  • Riggers pocket reference
  • Safe rigging practices
  • Signal Person Qualification

  • Regulatory requirements
  • Competent understanding and application of standard hand signals
  • Equipment operation and limitations
    • Crane dynamics
    • Dynamic loading
    • Working near power lines
    • Suspended personnel platform
  • Safe operating practices
  • Written & practical exams