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How much do you know about the grades of chain? Take the quiz:

1. The chain is stamped with WLL 6,500. What does WLL refer to?

2. Which grade(s) of chain are recommended for overhead lifting applications?

3. Which chain is most used by truckers, loggers and highway crews for load securement, towing, lashing and as trawler chain?

4. What grade of chain does Peerless emboss every 10 links with P10?

5. What grade chain is best applied for trailers or playground equipment?

6. What grade of chain is most commonly used in container securement, logging, towing, and marine applications?

8. What should you inspect your chain for?

9. Who can help you find the right chain for your application?

Chain Grade Guide

Download the Grade 80 & 100 Alloy Chain WLL PDF

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