A broken cable can lead to downtime for your trucks—and that means unhappy customers and bad news for your bottom line.

A local—and quick—solution

The experts at Sharrow Lifting Products can help you today. With an extensive inventory of replacement cables and parts, you can get your replacement parts fast—and get your truck back in service without expensive delays.

Get your parts fast

Sharrow is known for the expertise we offer, making sure you always get the correct part for your application. We work with waste haulers and carry:

  • Roll off assemblies
    • 78- and 80-foot lengths as well as custom lengths
    • Optional 10-foot lead available
  • Roll off hooks
  • Thimbles
  • Wire rope clips
  • Esco wedge buttons
  • Reeving cables with Crosby shur-lok hooks, other hooks available
  • Ironman wire rope lube

Contact us today to make sure your parts are in stock when you need them!

Toll Free (800) 565-8821 or sales@sharrowlifting.com

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